Play-n-Worship: Play-Along Bible Stories for Preschoolers


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They'll use building blocks to make a road—and welcome Jesus' triumphant entry! They'll rescue dolls from Daniel's Lions’ Den—and discover they can trust God. They'll shake blue paper to sound like stormy seas—and learn that God helps them when they're afraid. Each Play-n-Worship preschool Bible lesson uses objects from a preschooler’s everyday world—plus play, fun, stories, and worship songs for kids.

With these Bible stories for kids, you’ll teach in ways preschoolers learn doing! Play-n-Worship contains fun preschool Sunday school lessons that are designed according to the latest proven teaching methods and best practices—and they’re made to last an entire year. Because repetition is important at this age level, we recommend you teach each preschool Sunday school lesson five weeks in a row to reinforce learning. There are 5 to 8 play techniques included with each lesson, so kids experience the Bible point in lots of new ways. After five weeks, move to the next lesson!

For ages 3-5 years.
What's Included: 

10 age-appropriate Sunday school lessons for preschoolers with songs and intentional play techniques that get kids worshipping God and knowing Jesus through movement and fun. Themes include:

1. Jesus Calms the Storm
2. Jesus Blesses the Children
3. Jesus’ Resurrection
4. God Protects Daniel
5. Jesus Is Born
6. God Made the World
7. David Defeats Goliath
8. Jesus Is Our Friend
9. Jesus Enters Jerusalem10. God Loves Me

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