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"A delightful book to help our children understand how we are all
different and we are also the same."—Trillia Newbell, author of
God's Very Good Idea and The Big Wide WelcomeThis children’s picture
book follows a sibling of a child with a disability as they go through
their day. A simple story with an important message, Like Me helps kids
recognize the many similarities they share with disabled kids and model
a loving and understanding approach to the differences. “God made
you, God loves you, God is kind to you.” It can be hard for children to
take those three life-changing truths into their hearts and treat others
with love and understanding, especially when they encounter those whose
needs differ drastically from theirs. Through a sibling’s eyes, young
readers will tag along on a day of a child with a disability. As the two
siblings play with friends, go to therapy, and spend time with family,
relatable comparisons will help children understand a different type of
family life, building empathy for children with disabilities along the
way. Like Me opens the door to meaningful talks with your child about
empathy, compassion, diversity, and God’s love for them and others.

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