Journey to Bethlehem: A Treasury of Classic Christmas Devotionals


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A 30-Day Anthology of Classic Christmas Writings: For centuries,
Christians have treasured the same classic hymns and passages at
Christmas. While these works have stood the test of time, believers can
be tempted to adopt them as commonplace and fail to consider their
deeper meaning.  Journey to Bethlehem presents an insightful
selection of Christmas classics from the greatest English and American
poets to important historical church figures such as Augustine, Luther,
Calvin, and Spurgeon. Ideal for reading during the month of December,
yet applicable for use year-round, each of the 30 readings consists of a
classic work, literary analysis, takeaway summary, and Bible
passage. Literary expert Leland Ryken analyzes each hymn, poem, and
prose to approach these classic works in a fresh way. By highlighting
how each passage is edifying and stylistically satisfying, readers will
experience a new fondness for these classic works as they meditate on
the mystery of Christ’s incarnation.

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