Help for the Hungry Soul


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Encouragement to Treasure the Bible and Grow in Your Desire for God’s
Life-Giving Word: In our never-satisfied world, our souls hunger for
more, and it’s tempting to reach for the wrong “food” to satisfy our
needs. Thankfully, Jesus is the bread of life who offers us himself
through the life-giving and sustainable feast of Scripture (John 6:35).
But how often do we sit at Christ’s table, truly hungry for his
word? Help for the Hungry Soul offers 8 encouragements to spur an
appetite for God’s word. Through searching questions, practical ideas,
and moving testimonies, author Kristen Wetherell will help readers to
reflect on their journey with their Bible and uncover how it is possible
to treasure God’s word. For those feeling discouraged or guilty about a
waning desire for Scripture, Wetherell will spark excitement in their
spiritual life—ultimately encouraging them to put God and his word at
the center of it all.

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