Heaven Rules Take courage. Take comfort. Our God is in control.


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Two words are sometimes all it takes to upset and overwhelm us.
Treatment options, work layoffs, election season, pandemic spikes,
family trouble, car repairs. They take up so little room, just two
little words, and yet they can fill the whole day, the whole house, our
whole lives with anxiety and fear.Heaven Rules is the two-word answer
for every two-word worry. The promise we need for every wave of trouble,
every assault on our peace of mind. Heaven's rule is God's rule:
His rule over nations and nature. His rule over renegade viruses,
cancer, and concerns about your marriage, your kids, your job, and
everything else. The Bible says God is personally, purposefully involved
in all that's taking place here on earth. He's reigning over
each tear and scar and crisis and conflict. Heaven is ruling, always
ruling. That doesn't mean we won't experience distress, but it
does mean we can find a refuge by looking upward and letting His peace
rule in our hearts.Using the timeless book and example of Daniel as a
guide, author Nancy DeMoss Wolgemuth reveals how seeing our lives and
world through the lens of Heaven's rule can shield us from panic and
give us renewed hope and perspective. Job worries. Deadline pressures.
Deep regrets. Culture wars. There will always be alarms screeching. But
two simple words can quiet them, calm our fears, comfort our hearts, and
give us courage to press on: Heaven Rules!

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