Faith and Science with Dr. Fizzlebop


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Unleash your inner scientist with a year’s worth of experiments that spark curiosity and 52 devotionals that deepen your understanding of God’s incredible design!
Explore the wonders of faith and science with 52 exciting experiments designed for kids and parents to enjoy together. Each experiment―carefully curated by our quirky guide, Dr. Fizzlebop―offers a delightful blend of learning and fun, making it perfect for weekly family adventures or convenient exploration at your own pace.
52 easy experiments and engaging devotions
Full-color illustrations
Easy step-by-step guides
Easy prep with curated supply lists
Embrace Dr. Fizzlebop’s enthusiasm as he leads you through a fizztastic journey at Fizzlebop Labs. Dr. Fizzlebop’s love for God, science, and fizz shines through in every experiment.
Faith-Infused Devotionals for Deeper Learning:

Connect faith and science seamlessly with devotions accompanying each experiment. Dr. Fizzlebop is on a mission to show kids how these two worlds intersect. Delve deeper into God’s amazing design as each experiment unfolds, providing a holistic understanding of the wonders around us.
Quick and Engaging Lessons:

Busy schedules? No problem! On average, each experiment takes just five to ten minutes, with an additional five minutes for the devotional. It’s the perfect blend of educational and entertaining content that fits seamlessly into your family’s routine. Plus, the lessons are easily adaptable for homeschool, Sunday school, or church ministry.
Fizzlebop Labs Web Series:

Dr. Fizzlebop is passionate about three things: God, science, and fizz. Enhance your experience with access to 52 how-to videos in our free Fizzlebop Labs Web series. Dr. Fizzlebop himself guides you through the process of each experiment, adding an interactive and visual dimension to your scientific and faith-filled journey.
Bring faith and science together in a fizztastic way! Fizzlebop Labs offers a blend of fun, facts, and fizz, creating an engaging and memorable experience for learners of all ages.

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