Experiencing the Heart of Jesus for 52 Weeks Revised and Updated


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Like so many people today, you probably know all about Jesus. You can name his birthplace, describe his life story, even quote a few of his teachings. But do you really know him the way you know a close friend? Do you know his habits, his emotions, his passions, his personality? Could you predict how he would react in a given situation? Could you finish his sentences for him?

Although Jesus’ name is familiar and his story universal, so few of us could really call him a close personal friend. Just as over time we learn the subtle, familiar expressions of our closest friends, so too we can come to know the personality of our Savior. Experiencing the Heart of Jesus is about really knowing him. In this study, beloved author Max Lucado invites you to step closer to Jesus.

This life-changing workbook includes:

Excerpts from Max Lucado’s bestselling books
52 weekly Bible study lessons on the person of Jesus Christ
A “Heart of the Matter” section with key takeaways for the lesson
A leader’s guide to help small groups go through the material

As Max notes, “One of the phenomenal things about this study is that it will give you hope. Sometimes we assume that we cannot change. You might think, I’ve always had a quick temper. That’s just the way I am. Or maybe, I’ve always been a cranky person, and I always will be. It’s too late to change that. Or, I’ve had this addiction for a lot of years. I just can’t give it up. God’s perspective, however, is that every single person is a work in progress, and it is his goal to take us and to shape us more and more into the image of Christ. This study encourages us to interact with God. All you need to do is call on him. 'God, help me! Change me so that I don’t have to be the person I am. I want to be changed into the image of Christ.’”

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