Bible Infographics for Kids Epic Guide to Jesus


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Infographics Rule, but Jesus Is King. “It can’t be done. The
award-winning, bestselling Bible Infographics for Kids can’t possibly
get better!” well-meaning, clearly underestimating people objected after
the first Bible Infographics for Kids... ...and then came Bible
Infographics for Kids Volume 2...and Bible Infographics for Kids
Activity Book...aaaaand Bible Infographics for Kids Playing Cards.
...and guess what?We. Were. Just. Warming. Up. In Bible Infographics for
Kids Epic Guide to Jesus, readers of all ages are invited to dive
headfirst (figuratively, of course) into the extraordinarily engaging
infographic experience that reveals Jesus throughout the entire Bible.
As you peruse this brand-new addition to the Bible Infographics for Kids
series and reassemble the pieces of your blown mind (again,
figuratively), you’ll investigate the incredible historical evidence of
Jesus’s life, examine His mind-blowing miracles and triumphant
teachings, cruise His culture, and explore His death, resurrection, and
beyond. Plus, there’s even more craze-mazing content! It’s just too
dicey to reveal more of the jaw-dropping Jesus facts and fun found
within. Otherwise, it may be impossible to stop the overwhelming hordes
of stampeding, Bible infographic-loving book enthusiasts.
Figuratively...of course.

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