You're Not Crazy: Gospel Sanity for Weary Churches


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Practical Advice for Weary Leaders Who Want a Gospel-Centered Culture
for Their Church:Being a pastor is hard. Whether it’s relational
difficulties in the congregation, growing opposition toward the
church as an institution, or just the struggle to continue in ministry
with joy and faithfulness, the pressure on leaders can be truly
overwhelming. It’s no surprise that pastors are burned out, tempted to
give up, or think they’re going crazy. While we’re quick to assert what
the gospel says, we’re often too slow to admit what the gospel should do
for our churches: reflect Christ’s beauty through a godly, grace-filled
culture.In this practical guide, seasoned pastors Ray Ortlund and Sam
Allberry help weary leaders renew their love for ministry by equipping
them to build a gospel-centered culture into every aspect of their
churches. Emphasizing the importance of healthy doctrine, they explain
that failing to also nurture a healthy culture can be frustrating,
polarizing, and even unbiblical. This encouraging guide features
Scripture-focused advice on honesty, honor, preaching, leadership, and
mission to support leaders and help them regain a beautiful,
Christ-centered vision for their ministries.

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