Unlocking the Bible Story: Old Testament Volume 1


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For all who are wondering how the pieces fit into the jigsaw of
God's revelation, Colin Smith has provided an answer, which is
refreshingly simple, biblically accurate, and will prove phenomenally
helpful to the serious Bible student and the new beginner alike.
Alistair Begg, senior pastor, Parkside ChurchIn Unlocking the Bible
Story, Colin Smith moves gradually through portions of the Bible to
explain how it all holds together. He tells God's one grand story of
salvation and reflects on major themes along the way. In volume 1 he
moves through the Pentateuch and Historical Books of the Old Testament,
which tell the story of God creating the world, choosing a people for
Himself, and loving them despite their continued sin. Includes the study
guide formerly sold separately. One of the most urgent needs in the
church today is for a crisp and comprehensive knowledge of the
Bible's storyline. To grasp how the sacred history moves from
Genesis to Revelation not only brings fresh insight into how the Bible
hangs together, and what each part contributes to the whole, but also is
crucial for developing a Christian worldview. Colin Smith has met these
needs admirably. I hope these volumes will circulate widely and be read
and reread. D. A. Carson, research professor New Testament at Trinity
Evangelical Divinity School, cofounder of TGC

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