Understanding End Times Prophecy: A Comprehensive Approach


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Many Christians think of endtimes prophecy as a gigantic, intimidating
puzzledifficult to piece together and impossible to figure out. But
every puzzle can be solved if you approach it the right way. Paul
Benware compares prophecy to a picture puzzle. Putting the edge pieces
together first builds the 'framework' that makes it easier to
fit the other pieces in their place. According to Benware, the framework
for eschatology is the biblical covenants. He begins his comprehensive
survey by explaining the major covenants. Then he discusses several
different interpretations of endtimes prophecy. Benware digs into the
details of the Rapture, the Great Tribulation, the judgements and
resurrections, and the millennial kingdom. But he also adds a unique,
personal element to the study, answering questions as:Why study bible
prophecy? What difference does it make if I'm premillenial or
amillenial? If what the Bible says about the future puzzles you,
Understanding End Times Prophecy will help you put together the pieces
and see the big picture.

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