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Top 50 Instant Bible Lessons for Elementary with Object Lessons


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Enjoy 50 fully-reproducible kids’ Bible lessons for elementary-aged children (ages 5-10) packed with crafts, Bible stories, hands-on activities, and more! This brand-new resource includes two bonus lessons for Christmas and Easter, making it perfect to use as an easy full year curriculum.
Covers the top 50 all-in-one lessons from the Bible all kids should know―an ENTIRE year’s worth of curriculum that can be used over and over!
Includes 2 bonus lessons on Christmas and Easter
Each lesson includes easy-to-follow object lessons that apply the message of the story in a hands-on way
Quick and easy-to-use resource for teachers. Includes a Bible story, object lesson and 2-3 reproducible and volunteer-friendly activities per lesson
Age-appropriate and easy-to-understand for grade-school kids
Everything You Need in a Sunday School Curriculum for Elementary

Whether you teach children’s church, after-school sessions, mid-week services, Sunday School, or homeschool, you will find everything you need to offer meaningful, fun lessons in Instant Bible Lessons. Each book includes materials geared for inspired teaching sessions, plus extra ideas and teacher resources. From puzzles to games to snacks, each lesson’s content provides flexibility as you shape the lesson’s message for your class.
Each Kids Bible Lesson Includes:
Bible story plus visual
Discussion questions
Memory verse
Opening Game (with teacher tips to facilitate learning)
Object Lesson with step-by-step instruction and tips for Kids Sunday School Teachers
2-3 related Bible activities, such as:
Bible Puzzles
Bible Crafts
Snack Ideas (AND MORE!)
Packed with a variety of reproducible ideas, you will enjoy creating a class session that is best for your group of students―whether large or small, beginning or advanced, active or quiet. Here’s just some of the Bible activities included:
Fun Crafts (Simple and Budget-Friendly)
Role-Playing and Skit Ideas to get your kids moving
Activities to help kids dig deeper
Action verses and songs
Object lessons and games
Themed Snack Suggestions
Extra Resources for Kids Sunday School Teachers
These all-inclusive Bible lesson include helpful resources that make teaching easier than ever. Includes:
Step-by-Step Teaching Instruction
Teacher Helps (Practical advice and tips)
Bulletin Board Ideas to create a fun atmosphere and safe environment
Discussion Starters
Perforated Pages to make it easy to copy handout and craft templates
5 Key Features of Top 50 Bible Lessons for Elementary

1. Ready-to-Use, Fully-Reproducible Bible Lessons
Just print and go! Each lesson is reproducible and perforated, making lesson prep as easy as the push of a copier button! Each lesson is all-inclusive and includes step-by-step instructions for Kids Sunday School teachers. Plus, this reproducible book uses perforated pages making it easy to make copies for your Sunday School class, home school curriculum, kids church, etc. Here are just some of the favorite Bible stories and their lessons included:
Adam and Eve and the Creation Story (God Made All Things)
Abraham and God’s Promise (God Keeps His Promises)
The Story of Esther (God Has a Plan)
Jesus Feeds the 5,000 (God Provides)
and more!
2. Age-appropriate Bible Stories and Object Lessons for Elementary
Enjoy having solid, Bible-based material that explains key information in a way that is easy-to-understand for Elementary students. Features age-appropriate object lessons (with step-by-step teacher instructions) to help your kids get a deeper understanding of God’s Word. Some of these exciting object lessons include:
Orange Peel Candle Lesson for the Creation Story
Prepare a Cake to Show Jesus Prepares the Way
Food Coloring in Water to Demonstrate How Encouragement Spreads
and much more!
3. Packed with Fun Bible Activities, Bible Crafts, and Bible Games for Elementary!
Loaded with original Bible activities, fun crafts, skit ideas, wacky mazes, mind-bending puzzles, and more! Easily keep kids’ attention and unleash their creativity with these fun activities! Perfect for all attention spans and learning styles! Includes:
Salt Dough Ornaments for Christmas
God-has-a-Plan DIY Marble Maze
Watercolor Resurrection Cross for Easter
and much more!
4. Flexible Options Available

Bible verses and stories kick off each lesson followed by activities that help kids remember key information. Each lesson includes 2-3 additional activity options, making it easy to tailor your lesson to the needs, learning, styles, and preferences of your class. Whether your lesson is 5 minutes or 50 minutes, you have plenty of material to keep your kids learning and engaged!

5. Low-Prep Time and Budget-Friendly

Includes fully-reproducible handouts and includes templates for art and crafts. Most object lessons and activities use materials you can find around your house―helping you stick to your budget!
Top 50 Bible Lessons for Elementary Addresses All Learning Styles

Research has shown that all of us (including our children) learn in different ways. Some of us learn by touching and handling objects or doing tasks. Others learn best by simply listening. Some need to visually experience and see a concept. Top 50 Bible Lessons for Elementary is super teacher-friendly: each Opening Game includes “Learning Tidbits”, to help you address all the learning styles of your kids.
About the Series
The Top 50 series aims to create the top resources for Children’s Ministries. Some are created from top authors and teachers in Children’s Ministries. Others combine some of our best lessons from favorite RoseKidz products (previously Rainbow Publishers) into a new, updated format. Enjoy the quick and easy-to-use reproducible resources packed with lessons, activities and crafts. Includes top lessons every child should know that are volunteer and child-friendly!

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