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Discover how the grace of God can turn pain and loss into hope and
redemption.Ruth was a vulnerable, widow starting over in a foreign land.
While Naomi was returning to community, Ruth was setting herself up to
be the odd one out for the rest of her life. What gave her the strength
to do it? Could it be that she sensed all along that her journey away
from Moab was a journey toward home?The story of Ruth is a remarkable
tale of bravery, calling, and God's provision, and it will come to
life in new ways as you dig deep in this 6week Bible study. Tessa
Afshar, author of awardwinning biblical and historical fiction, teaches
you how to study the text, discern meaning, pray through it, and live it
out. She'll show you how to draw on the same strength and courage
that Ruth did and accept God's invitation to new beginnings in your
own life. This special offer includes both the workbook and DVD video
companion so that you can go deeper into Ruth's story. Each video
session is 1522 minutes long, and include a short bonus video, inviting
you to share in the recipes provided in the book.

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