The Water and the Blood


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This Thoughtful Book Explores How the Sacraments Shape Christian
Identity in Christ :Our culture today teaches us that we must look
inside ourselves to discover our place and purpose in life—we can
determine our own identities and express them however we want. This
self-centered approach promises freedom and fulfillment, but it leads
only to confusion and despair. In The Water and the Blood, Kevin P.
Emmert combats this egocentric mindset with a sustainable solution
through Jesus Christ. Emmert explores the depth of Christian identity,
which our triune God makes visible through the sacraments of the
gospel.This thoughtful, theologically driven book explains how God uses
multisensory elements—water, bread, and wine—to communicate to his
people and unite them to the life-giving body of Christ. Readers will be
inspired to joyfully embrace the identity they have received in Christ
as baptized and communing persons. 

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