The Surprising Genius of Jesus


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How the Story of the Prodigal Son Illuminates Jesus’s Genius: When
someone thinks of Jesus, “genius” is not likely the first word that
comes to mind. But when studied in detail, Jesus’ teachings and
interactions with others combined high levels of knowledge and insight,
verbal skill, and simplicity—showing his genius. In The Surprising
Genius of Jesus, Peter J. Williams examines the story of the prodigal
son in Luke 15 to show the genius, creativity, and wisdom of Jesus' teachings. He used simple but powerful stories to confront the Pharisees
and scribes of the day, drawing on his knowledge of the Jewish
Scriptures to teach his audience through complex layers and themes.
Williams challenges those who question whether Jesus really was the
source of the parables recorded in the Gospels, pointing readers to the
truth of who Jesus is and why that matters for them today. 

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