The Power of the Holy Spirit's Names


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Know the Spirit Through His NamesLiving Water. Helper. Lord. Many
believers long for a clearer understanding of the Holy Spirit and the
role He plays in our relationship with God. The good news is, when we
study the Bible, the Spirit’s specific identity and work as a member of
the Trinity is made clear. In The Power of The Holy Spirit’s Names,
bestselling author and pastor Dr. Tony Evans examines 12 of the Spirit’s
most significant titles and what they reveal about this powerful,
present, and personal expression of the triune God. As you read, you’ll
gain eye-opening insights into how the Spirit moves within the hearts of
believers while learning how His indwelling of you shapes your unique
faith. As we grow in our ability to love, revere, and relate to the
person of the Holy Spirit, we also grow in our capacity to experience
God. This book will help you internalize profound truths about the Holy
Spirit’s character and transform how you understand the Trinity.Complete
Your ExperienceThe Power of the Holy Spirit’s Names DVDThe Power of the
Holy Spirit’s Names Workbook

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