The Marriage Book Newly Revised Edition


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Today we are facing a global crisis when it comes to families. Marriages are under more pressure than ever. Many children are growing up without experiencing the security of their parents' love and commitment--and as a result are finding it harder to receive God's unconditional love. There is an urgent need to invest in marriage and family life, for strong societies are built on strong families, and strong families are built on strong marriages.

The Marriage Book, developed by Nicky and Sila Lee of Alpha, has been revised and updated to address these needs and provides practical tools to help couples at every stage of their relationship. Along with the companion seven-session Marriage Course, this resource will help couples:

Better understand each other's needs
Communicate more effectively
Grow closer by learning methods to resolve conflicts
Recover from the way they may have hurt each other
Recognize how their upbringing has affected their relationship
Improve relationships with parents and in-laws

The Marriage Book is based on a Christian understanding of love and serves to strengthen marriages within the church while, at the same time, being accessible for all couples from any cultural background. Full of practical advice, it will help couples prepare, build, and even mend their marriages.

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