The Biggest Story Curriculum, Volume 1: Pentateuch


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Children’s Curriculum from The Biggest Story Bible Storybook Presents
Fun, Multimedia Lessons on the Pentateuch: Help kids understand the
message of the first five books of the Bible with volume 1 of The
Biggest Story Curriculum. These 20 lessons on key biblical
stories—including creation, the flood, the Tower of Babel, and Jacob and
Esau—have been carefully constructed by a team of pastors, children’s
ministry workers, and content creators. Each lesson creatively retells
Scripture to help children in grades K–5 grasp God’s plan to redeem the
world through his Son, Jesus. Designed for use in a Sunday school,
children’s church, or homeschool context, each lesson in The Biggest
Story Curriculum includes an easy-to-use teaching plan, discussion
questions, and activities. These modular lesson plans provide
comprehensive and integrated teaching with easy-to-follow instructions,
fun activities, simple crafts, and more. Volume 1 is also available as
part of the 6-volume Biggest Story Curriculum: Box Set, which includes
104 Old and New Testament Scripture lessons and a coloring and activity book.

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