The Believer's Walk with Christ


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What it means to walk with Christ'Walking' is a rich biblical
metaphor. Figures like Enoch, Noah, and Abraham are remembered because
they walked with God. Evil kings are remembered because they didn't.
All humanity is a parade one way or the other, and Christians must know
the difference. The Believer's Walk with Christ plumbs nine New
Testament passages to unfold this great theme and help us live in step
with the Spirit. Written in John MacArthur's direct, accessible
style, it is ideal for Bible study groups, church leaders, or individual
believers who want to grow in godliness. MacArthur draws on a lifetime
of scholarly and pastoral experience to demystify that process and
explain clearly what Scripture says about it. He'll help you know
what it means to grow in Christian maturity, and how to make it the mark
of your life. About the series:This book is part of The John MacArthur
Study Series. It is comprised of chapters adapted from the bestselling
MacArthur New Testament Commentary, which have been arranged
thematically for the purpose of topical study. Accordingly, each chapter
is designed to take the reader deep into a text of Scripture, while the
volume as a whole addresses a specific biblical theme. This approach is
ideal for anyone wanting to engage in a thorough study of what the Bible
says about a given subject. It also serves as a valuable tool for
pastors or Bible study leaders looking to teach a topical series.

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