Survey of the Old Testament


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"The New Testament Scriptures will never be properly understood by
a person if the Old Testament Scriptures essentially remain a mystery to
him," says Paul Benware. Most Christians do not have a clear
understanding of the pattern, unity, or progression of the Old
Testament. They can tell stories of Moses, Noah, and David, but they
aren't sure how all these events fit together. And they don't
fully appreciate the doctrines found in the thirtynine books between
Genesis and Malachi. But the Old Testament does not have to be
mysterious or confusing. Newly revised, Dr. Benware offers a
chronological approach to give you a bird'seye view of the Old
Testament, while his bookbybook analysis reveals important details and
emphases. If you want a better understanding of the whole Bible, Survey
of the Old Testament is the place to start.

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