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Are the effects of a crazy busy schedule weighing you down? Do you feel that if you have just one more pressure added to your life, you will break? By taking a closer look at Paul's many experiences, you can check out what circumstances are most likely to cause stress. If the pressures in your life are not being used to press you closer to the Lord, you may be on the way to a burnout!

Whether you are personally experiencing a stressful time in your life―or if you are someone who has a heart to minister to those who are being burdened by stress, this quick reference book is for you.
Discover the 7 common causes and symptoms of stress―and practical ways to overcome them.
13 practical stress management techniques and tips for stress relief.
Learn the difference between healthy and unhealthy forms of stress.
Find out if you are showing the emotional, physical, and spiritual symptoms of stress with its helpful stress test.

Since stress begins in your mind, much misery comes from incorrect thinking. Fortunately, what you choose to think is in your control.

Wrong Belief that Causes Stress: "My life is out of control. I feel helpless to cope with all this stress in my life."
Right Belief that Reduces Stress: God has allowed this stress in my life to bless my life and reveal my weaknesses. I am grateful for the pressures that have pressed me closer to Him and caused me to allow Christ to be my strength.
June Hunt dives into the Word of God and pulls out key principles on how to live a healthy well-balanced life. Whether your stress comes from work, church, family responsibilities, tense relationships (or all the above), find out practical ways to relieve stress and rest in God's peace. By recognizing the causes, effects, and symptoms of stress, you can start taking the necessary steps to refresh, renew, and refocus your life.

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