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Perhaps no other book of the Bible feels as inaccessible and as intimidating to us as the very last one. The book of Revelation overflows with images and ideas that confound our modern ears. But if all Scripture is God-breathed and profitable, we should assume Revelation is as accessible and helpful as any other book of the Bible. Why don’t we see it that way?  

Two thousand years ago, John’s Revelation was circulated and read aloud among seven churches in Asia Minor. Those who heard the letter understood it and drew encouragement from its message. The same can be true for you today. Over 10 sessions of verse-by-verse Bible study, Jen Wilkin helps you discover how the last book of the Bible―the culmination of God's great story―speaks both a steadying word of assurance and a strong call to endure to the church in every age. 


Verse-by-verse study of the book of Revelation 
10 video teaching sessions unpacking truths found throughout the study and offering additional insights, available via redemption code printed in the Bible study book 
9 weeks of personal study featuring illuminating questions to help you focus on and understand Scripture 
Includes the full text of Revelation 
Appendix with helps for interpretation and further study
Leader helps for group discussion


Learn how to read and understand the language and symbols of apocalyptic writing
Move from confused to confident, anxious to assured, and intimidated to inspired as you study the end times 
Understand Revelation as the culmination of God’s great story 
Walk through the book verse-by-verse, from start to finish
Video Sessions:
Introduction: Before You Begin (04:56)―In this introductory video, Jen describes her Bible study methodology and what to expect from her study approach to the book of Revelation. Watch this video with your group or on your own before you begin your study.  
Bonus Video: A Word for Group Leaders (03:53)―If you’re leading a Bible study group or facilitating discussion through Revelation, don’t miss this leader video with a word from Jen just for you.  
Week One: Unveiling (59:57)―In this introduction to the study, Jen gives an overview and background information to the book of Revelation and walks through Revelation 1:1-3. She also explains the genre of apocalyptic literature and the important role the Old Testament plays in understanding John’s vision. 
Week Two: Seven Churches (51:18)―Jen walks through Revelation 1:4–3:22, John’s vision of the Son of Man and the letters to the seven churches in Asia Minor. These verses hold encouragement for us and the church today to stand strong in our faith because Jesus is ruling and reigning from His throne. 
Week Three: The Heavenly Throne Room (45:25)―In this video, Jen teaches Revelation 4–5, John’s vision of the heavenly throne room. Using passages from throughout Scripture, Jen helps make sense of the scene John views and the heavenly reality we can hold onto with assurance and hope. 
Week Four: Seven Seal (41:20)―As we continue through the book of Revelation, Jen teaches on Revelation 6:1–8:1, the seven seal judgments that are poured out on the earth. We will consider how this scene of God’s wrath being poured out on the earth can grow our faith in the Lord and our endurance unto the end. 
Week Five: Seven Trumpets (49:44)―This video features Jen’s teaching on Revelation 8:2–11:19, which covers the seven trumpet judgments. As Jen explains, these chapters encourage us that God is long-suffering, just, and faithful to all generations.  
Week Six: Seven Histories (50:04)―Revelation 12:1–15:5, which Jen teaches through in this video, covers seven snapshots from John’s vision. These chapters give a glimpse at the interplay between heavenly and earthly realities, offering an anchor of encouragement to the children of God in every age. 
Week Seven: Seven Bowls (40:10)―In this teaching, Jen covers Revelation 15:1–16:21, the seven bowl judgments. These scenes serve as a reminder that God’s love for the saints necessitates His justice against His enemies. 
Week Eight: Seven Words of Woe (49:56)―As Jen teaches through Revelation 17:1–19:10, seven messages that describe the downfall of the kingdom of earth, we are reminded that we await a better city―the eternal kingdom of God. 
Week Nine: Seven Last Sights (56:00)―With this teaching, Jen nears the end of Revelation and God’s grand story. Revelation 19:11–21:8 describe the final demise of the enemy and the celebration of the bride of Christ in all her glory. 
Week Ten: On Earth as in Heaven (39:19)―Jen closes her study on Revelation with Revelation 21:9–22:21. This final picture from John’s vision is an encouragement for us toward steadfastness and hope. 

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