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What if the rise of secularism is good news for the church? There's no doubt about it: church attendance is on the decline, record numbers of people are claiming a spiritual life with no religious affiliation, and our world is becoming increasingly secularized. But what if all of this was actually good news for the spread of the gospel? Mark Sayers, a pastor in Australia, observes that the rise of post-Christian culture is, indeed, followed by the decline of the church, but then...and this is the key... it is followed by the renewal of the church. There is a golden window of opportunity that comes along, according to Sayers, when people are in between idols, and if we learn to watch for the Holy Spirit at work, we'll get to be a part of revival happening. Learn about the good news of secularism, the blessing of globalization, the raw materials of renewal, and so much more in Reappearing Church.

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