Parenting Your Fourth Grader


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If your kid seems interested in their friends—even more than their family, you might be in one of the best phases of your child's life. Parenting Your Fourth Grader is a concise and interactive guide that simplifies what you need to know about fourth graders in general and gives you a place to discover more about your fourth grader—so you can make the most of this phase. The Phase Project is a synthesis of personal experience, academic research, and gatherings of leaders and educational experts from across the child development spectrum. Designed in partnership with Parent Cue, this guide is one volume in an 18-book series to help you parent your child through every year. Author Kristen Ivy is executive director of the Phase Project. Kristen blends a background in child development with a Master of Divinity and over 15 years of leading children and students. She and her husband, Matt, have three children in the preschool and elementary phases. Author Reggie Joiner is founder and CEO of Orange, an organization designed to redefine ministry approaches for churches and family environments. For nearly 40 years, he’s mentored teachers and leaders who influence the next generation. Reggie and his wife, Debbie, have raised four kids into adulthood.

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