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Don't just read the Bible literallyread it Literarily.A lot of
times, we treat Scripture like it's all the same from Genesis to
Revelation. After all, it only has one Author. Isn't it just one big
book, identical from beginning to end?While it's true that the Bible
is unified, it is also diverse. The Bible can be grouped according to
key categories, called genres, that help us to read and properly
interpret the Scriptures. An understanding of these genres, and the
literary themes and devices used within them, makes all the difference
when encountering God's Word.Longtime Bible teacher Kristie
Anyabwile discovered as she prepared her lessons that a single inductive
approach doesn't do justice to the variety of genres that make up
the Word of God. Because Scripture is a collection of writings that
spans 1,500 years, many literary styles are represented and each must be
taken into account for the fullest understanding of God's Word.
Kristie shows you the immense value of studying the Bible literarilythat
is, according to the literary style presented in a particular book,
chapter, or passage. In Literarily, Kristie will take you through these
eight distinct
genres:LawHistoryProphecyPoetryGospelsEpistlesWisdomApocalypticThe Bible
is an epic story that God has revealed to us through diverse genres and
literary features. Its message and method are both meant to transform
our hearts. Our goal as interpreters isn't to meld the Scriptures
into a bland conglomerate, but to recognize the multiple forms in which
God's Word comes to us. In so doing, we'll encounter the ongoing
story of Jesus's redemption and learn how He calls His people to
live in our complex world today.

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