Keeping the Faith: A Study in Jude


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An InDepth, TheologicallyRich Study of the Book of JudeIn a culture of
subjectivity and "speaking your truth," we need to know how to
lovingly fight for our biblicallybased, truthfilled faith. That's
where Jude comes in. With a striking combination of humility, genuine
love, doctrinal faithfulness, and directness, the biblical writer Jude
teaches you how to treasure the gifts of salvation, the faith, the
Church, andmost of allJesus Christ. By unpacking Jude's meaningladen
words, we can learn to keep ourselves for Christ, even as Christ is ably
keeping us for Himself.You'll be amazed at how much you can learn as
you walk versebyverse through this small epistle. In this 6week study,
you'll learn:Why Jude uses metaphors like waterless clouds and wild
wavesWhat was going on in Jude's time theologically and why it
mattersWhy the warning passages can be a deep comfort to the believerTo
appreciate new dimensions of your belonging in ChristGet to know the
oftneglected voice of Jude, be comforted and challenged in your faith,
and build community as you gather friends and study His Word together in
Keeping the Faith.

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