Jonah: God's Relentless Grace


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A 10-Week Study for Women on the Book of Jonah: The story of Jonah
is about so much more than a great, man-eating fish. This short Old
Testament book is actually a powerful drama about God’s power, patience,
and relentless grace—showing how God works out his purposes and how
nothing can thwart his determination to save. Jonah's story is
ultimately the story of Jesus and all believers as they learn to trust
God and submit to his revealed word.  In this 10-week Bible
study for women, Lydia Brownback explores Jonah verse by verse to help
believers understand God’s overarching providence, the nature of true
repentance, and the wondrous grace of God. Written for individuals or
groups, each lesson helps women understand the themes of compassion,
mercy, patience, and sovereignty, ultimately encouraging Christians to
reject personal comforts and trust God through every circumstance. 

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