Is the Commission Still Great?


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Dismantling the Myths that Obscure God's Great Plan The primary
mission of the church is to glorify God by blessing all peoples of the
world through the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Great Commission's
task of global disciple-making is the most ambitious project ever
undertaken. Given the scale and complexity of global missions, it's
no wonder that misconceptions abound, even among invested, godly
people.Questions and skepticism about missions arise from both outside
and inside the church. Is missions an outdated idea? Do missionaries do
more harm than good? Are we succeeding or failing? Is it time for global
believers to do the job in their own countries with minimal Western
involvement? We don't need to fear questions like these. But we do
need to seek-and find-solid, biblical answers.Is the Commission Still
Great? dismantles the myths that obscure God's beautiful plan to
make disciples of all nations. Misperceptions discourage God's
people from joyfully participating with Him in reaching the world. Yet,
deepening our understanding of the call to missions restores perspective
and motivates us to participate in God's grand design.Author and
missionary kid Steve Richardson uses stories from Scripture, history,
and his own ministry experience to impart timely lessons on modern
missions. Richardson also draws from the wisdom of field missionaries,
sending agencies, pastors, and church members to address this
all-important endeavor. Each chapter finishes with thought-provoking
questions to facilitate purposeful discussion in families and small
groups. Is the Commission Still Great? will equip followers of Christ to
be participants-not spectators-in the redemption of the world.

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