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Based on principles from their book, How People Change, Paul David Tripp and Timothy S. Lane have created this study guide to be used, along with the corresponding, facilitator guide and video seminar, in church-wide training, small group, Sunday school, youth group, or one-on-one discipleship settings.

Change doesn't happen overnight for the Christian. Growth is a lifelong journey. Tripp and Lane masterfully guide readers toward biblical truths that lead to a life of repentance and faith. The How People Change study invites participants to consider their circumstances as well as their responses to them—examining the heart's desire and turning toward Christ.

The How People Change Study Guide helps participants understand the underlying motivations for their actions, giving them specific, practical help in changing long-standing patterns of behavior so they grow in love for God and others. Each of the twelve lessons includes teaching, homework discussion, relational application, illustrations, group discussion guide, and "Make It Real" life applications.

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