His Last Words


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Imagine knowing you only have several more hours to live. Picture the
faces of your loved ones gathered around you. Allow the emotions to rise
up in your heart. What would you say? John 13-17 records Jesus' last
words to the disciples before His death, revealing what was most
important to Him. When we study those words and prayers today, we enter
deep into the heart of Jesus and come away changed: overwhelmed by the
love of God, inspired to follow Him, and empowered to spread the gospel.
His Last Words is an 7week Bible study that plumbs the depths of
Jesus' final teachings to the disciples. It features: A versebyverse
study of John 1317 and portions of John 1821Five lessons each week, one
set aside for reflection and prayer, Discussion questions for small
groups, Two weeks for review, reflection, and application and
more- Jesus' last words are words of eternal life, powerful and full of
love. If you've been longing for more intimacy in your relationship
with God, more meaning in your life, and more boldness in your witness,
His Last Words will draw you into just what you need: the Word of God.

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