From Garden to Glory


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Many of us read the Bible without realizing that it is one story from beginning to end―a story about God’s great mission to redeem all things. From Genesis to Revelation, we see God’s heart in his redemptive plan for humanity­―and how earnestly he desires for us to be a part of it! From Garden to Glory invites you to experience the Bible as the beautiful story of God’s astounding love for you. In Courtney Doctor’s overview that spans from Eden to eternity, you will
grow in your appreciation for how all the parts of the Bible fit together brilliantly as a unified whole understand your value, significance, and purpose to God on a more profound level be encouraged to live in hopeful anticipation for the story’s epic finale―when heaven and earth are renewed in glory and we’re in God’s presence.
This engaging journey through God’s grand story of Scripture will deepen your gratitude and awe as you discover how the God of the Bible has stopped at nothing to bring you back to him!

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