First & Second Kings


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By the waters of Babylon, in the sixth century B.C., the Jewish people
felt like permanent refugees in a foreign land. Israel had undergone
captivity once before, in Egypt. This time the people were in exile
because of disobedience.The books of 1 and 2 Kings were meant as an
antidote for the sorrow of heart that afflicted their souls. Robert L.
Hubbard, Jr. guides you through the maze of kings and empires, prophets
and priests, that are the subjects of those two Old Testament historical
books. In those books, Hubbard says, are "peaks of unbelievable
glory and valleys of unforgettable despair."His study of 1 and 2
Kings and of the chaotic time chronicled in those books is written in a
comfortable style but with scholarly care. Hubbard applies to our lives
today the lessons learned through years of pain. Scholar and layman
alike will appreciate the combination of readability and scholarly
investigation that marks this book.

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