Epic: The Storyline of the Bible


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To many people, the Bible is a series of incongruous and confusing
stories. It jumps from one person or place to the next leaving the
reader scrambling to keep up and make sense of it all. That's a tall
task.Epic provides a big picture view of the Bible to explain how its
individual pieces fit together. Is it really possible that the
Bible's collection of 66 books actually has a single storyline? Yes!
The theme of that storyline is redemption, and Epic traces it from
Genesis to Revelation. Discover in the opening chapters of the Bible why
redemption became humanity's desperate need. Learn how God set this
rescue effort into motion through promises He made to Abraham. Follow
the unfolding of these promises through Old Testament history. Note the
role of the prophets, from Isaiah to Malachi, in the overall drama.
Witness Jesus Christ bringing redemption to a climax. Perfect for
believers at any stage, small group leaders, and those discipling
others, Epic will open your eyes to the way all the different parts of
scripture contribute to a single story that can change your life.

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