Discovering God's Good News for You: A Guide to Romans 1-8


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How could a hard-hearted killer and Jesus-hater become the greatest-ever
advocate for Christianity? Only because of the completeness of the
transforming work of Christ.That man, who became known as the apostle
Paul, later wrote to the Christians in Rome, thoroughly explaining the
unique greatness and power of God’s good news. Everyone is dead toward
God because of sin and stands condemned, but anyone may gain right
standing with Him through Jesus Christ. This rightness can come only by
believing—by faith. Nothing can earn, buy, or be exchanged for it. And
it brings new life and inner change.This easy-to-use study of the first
eight chapters of Romans offers open-ended discussion questions, Bible
passages, and helpful explanations and applications to help you, or you
and your group, grasp the wonder and transforming power of God’s work in
your life.

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