Creating a Place for People to Gather and the Gospel to Grow


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Women were made to give life-and they can do that right in their own
homes. Hygge [HYOO-guh] has become a cultural buzzword. When many
read about this Danish practice, their shoulders lift in excitement,
then fall in exhale. In a culture of rush, hygge appeals to their desire
for rest-for slow living, shared moments, and fostered friendships.
Hygge has strong ties to beauty, contentment, and well-being. It's
warm and inviting. Hygge is the opposite of hustle. It eschews
abundance. It savors. It takes things slow and envelopes you in
sanctuary. Hygge is home. When you sit in a comfy chair by the fire,
that's hygge. When you arrange a fresh bouquet of wildflowers on a
bedside table, that's hygge too. Candles, soft furnishings, natural
light, fresh-baked pastries, intimate gatherings with friends-these are
what come to mind when you think of hygge. But hygge can be so much
more. In Holy Hygge, author Jamie Erickson unites the popular
Danish practice with the deep, theological truths of the gospel. She
unpacks the seven tenets of hygge: hospitality, relationships,
well-being, atmosphere, comfort, contentment, and rest. In addition,
Erickson shows how the external veneer of a lifestyle can create a
life-giving home only when placed under the hope of the gospel. Holy
Hygge provides practical ideas for using hygge to gather people and
introduce them to faith in Christ. Each chapter concludes with
discussion questions, Scripture references, and a prayer.

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