Celebrate Recovery Chip Starter Kit (75 Assorted Plastic Chips)


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Starter Kit includes:

  • 15 Blue First Time Attender Chips
  • 10 Red 30-day Chips
  • 5 Green 60-day Chips
  • 5 White 90-day Chips
  • 5 Aqua 4-month Chips
  • 5 Purple 5-month Chips
  • 5 Yellow 6-month Chips
  • 5 Brown 7-month Chips
  • 5 Orange 8-month Chips
  • 5 Black 9-month Chips
  • 5 Baby Blue 10-month Chips
  • 5 Maroon 11-month Chips
  • 75 chains that allow participants to attach the chips to a key ring or belt loop

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