A Very Happy Easter


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Fresh retelling of the Easter story for young children, with
opportunities to join in with facial expressions! This book is a bit
different from others. In most books there is work for your eyes and
ears. You look at the pictures, and listen to the words. But in this
book, there is work for your face too! This fresh retelling of the
Easter story focuses on the emotions of Jesus' friends and invites
children to copy the expressions they are making. As children aged 2-4
learn about how Jesus died and rose again, they will see that Jesus'
friends felt fear, sadness, surprise and joy, and they will have the
opportunity to think about how they would have felt. This book is a
great way to make story time interactive and explain Easter to young
children in a way that connects emotionally and builds empathy. A
wonderful Easter gift for young children. Also perfect for mums and
toddler groups and to give away at Easter services and other
evangelistic events.

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