7 Convincing Miracles


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Do you need a miracle? Turn to the Lord of miracles . . . Jesus Christ
is the Lord of miracles, and he's ready to do wonders in your life.
But what kind of miracles should we expect today? And what do we even
mean by that word?Beloved pastor Erwin Lutzer takes you into the gospel
of John to explore the seven main miracles performed by Jesus. Each of
these wonderful signs points to an abiding truth. You'll encounter
topics such as:Mary's role in miraclesAn analysis of the signs and
wonders movementThe role of God in natureThe role of angels in our
worldDivine healing and the atonementAnd more!Don't sit around
waiting for a miracle. You'll only be disappointed by pop culture
expectations. Instead, find out what God's Word has to say about
miracles so you can know exactly what to expectand Who to expect it from!

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