Survey of the New Testament


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"The New Testament is worthy of a lifetime of study, as it answers
the most significant questions people have asked," says Paul
Benware. What is the purpose of life? Is there any real hope? What is
God like? Can I be freed from guilt and sin?Jesus Christ is the only
answer to these questions. He is the key to God's new covenant, the
central theme of the New Testament. In order to fully appreciate the new
covenant, you must explore the lives and times of Christ and the New
Testament writers. Survey of the New Testament organizes this essential
information around the anticipation, institution, and fulfillment of the
new covenant. Dr. Benware includes, along with his bookbybook study of
the 27 New Testament books, a chronological study of the life of Christ,
a look at political forces and ideologies of the firstcentury Roman
world, and a glimpse into the intertestamental period. To clarify the
order and pattern of the New Testament, Dr. Benware links each epistle
to its historical base, the book of Acts. Thirty helpful charts have
been included as well.

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