I Am Found


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Are you tired of battling shame?Long to be truly known and deeply
loved?Hesitant to show others the real you? We are all made for
connection, but many of us live with walls up and hearts closed. What
would it take for us to let go and stand tall and unashamed?I Am Found
guides us in just that. This sixweek Bible study on shame and identity
explores how we can own our stories, trust God's affections, and
relate honestly with Him and others.Each week begins with biblical
teaching and is followed by five days of guided reflection. Drenched in
Scripture, and allowing plenty of space to journal and savor biblical
truths, I Am Found welcomes you on a personal journey of transformation
through God's Word.Laura Dingman invites you to build your life on a
beautiful, liberating truth: Jesus loves us in our weakness, but He
doesn't leave us there.

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