Discipleship as Holy Collaboration


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Many Christians don’t disciple others because they think it’s the church leaders' responsibility. But Jesus commanded all his disciples to go and make disciples. If we're honest, many of us hesitate to disciple others because we don't feel qualified, fear we'll do more harm than good, and think we don't have time for it. Yolanda Solomon provides a practical guide to help us become disciples who are empowered by Jesus to make disciples.

Through biblical exposition and personal narrative, Solomon describes the beauty of discipleship in a way that will (re)ignite your passion to disciple others. Discipleship as Holy Collaboration describes the traits of a disciple and examines how disciples are made as people encounter a love that empowers and compels them to continue Jesus' mission. She walks us through the life of Jesus, pointing out numerous examples of embodied discipleship that we can implement in our own context. Solomon describes Jesus' call to make disciples as an invitation to collaborate with God in a sacred group project. The book also includes a discussion guide and multiple step-by-step praxis activities to encourage and equip you to answer the call.

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