5 Things to Pray for Your Kids


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Our culture says that the most important things for children are
education, good health, treats, entertainment, and material things.Yet
as Christians, we know that children's spiritual health is the most
important thing. So we need to pray for them, but where do we start?
This little guide is both deep and easy to use. Melissa Kruger takes us
back to the Bible to show us what God's will for children is, so we
can pray in line with it. She selects 21 key areas of spiritual growth
and character development. For each one, there are five short prayer
prompts drawn straight from the Bible. This book can be used in any
number of ways: work through it as part of your daily quiet time, or
pick it up whenever a particular need arises. Either way, it's worth
stepping out of the busyness of daily life for five minutes to pray
meaningfully for your child, grandchild, godchild, or kids in your
church-from tots to teens, and every age in between.

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